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It's time to duel!
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United Kingdom
Um, hi I am 'Im-so-startled' (:

I am currently a second year Animation student!

I used to be a massive Hetalia fan, I absolutely adored it,

My other main fandoms used to be South Park, YGOTAS and Homestuck so expect to find old drawings and what not for them :heart:

It's not so much that I left the fandoms, just that I don't have time sadly any more.

So yup...bye, I've gotta go eat and viva la resistance and stuff !


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fullmetaladdict1101 Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
das-Diddy Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :+devwatch:. and the :+fav:. ^^
You're very welcome (:
Thank you for faving Seungri :3
You're welcome (:
MissYennon Sep 22, 2012  Student Writer
Loving Hetalia ;D so far I adore Austria, Russia, and Britain ^-^ And I kinda have to love America, haha. Spot on! ^^; I love that it's making fun of all countries fairly!

And I see why yaoi fans adore this anime. So many pairing opportunities!!
Yay I glad :D Ha ha I'm a big Austria and England fan ^-^
And you probably haven't even experienced the awesome Prussia yet, so much to come :')
Yeah I kind of had to love England straight away, he is my boy...dem brows XD

Hee hee it'll be interesting to see if you end up shipping anyone, especially in the FrUK vs USUK area ^.^
MissYennon Sep 22, 2012  Student Writer
I think my favorite thing America has said is this: "Man, it sure takes a lot out of you being bloodthirsty and all... And by that, I mean spreading democracy to the world!" LMAO!! I freaking choked on my tea XD

Lets see, I'm 49 episodes in already ^-^ woo! Yays for anime marathons ;D The story between Britain and America made me 'aww'. And OMG I love how they make fun of Canada! *points Northward and laughs!* XD (I actually don't hate Canada, I swear!)

I don't know if I'll ship anyone... I've never been a hardcore Yaoi fan, I admit ;P but I still have some episodes left. Something could happen in the mean time ^^;
Mwa ha ha no shipping we'll see about that >: )

Ha ha I like his winter lines, like 'winter can suck on my jinglebells' :D

Wow you've watched a lot, I know England and Americas story line is adorable at points, I'm a huge fan of the FACE family, which is mum England, Papa France, and Baby Canada and America, it's too cute for words!

I think they captured England and Frances relationship really well, the problem is people from outside those two countries, can't understand it and see it, it's a really age old friendship. There's banter and teasing, arguments and fights, but we always back each other up in the end (: Just other countries seem to see hatred which when you live in England you find a bit weird cause we don't!
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Thanks for the watch~!
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